Limited service during the summer

KB is open all summer, but it may take longer for you to get help. During certain weeks, some services and collections are closed.

A woman wearing a hat is sitting in a row boat.

"Napp" by Swedish artist Carl Larsson, from the book Åt solsidan (1910).

In June, July and August, KB has reduced opening hours. On the Opening hours web page, you will find the current information.

Longer response times

KB's service is limited between 24 June and 18 August. This means that you may have to wait longer for a response in contact with staff, or when ordering material from the collections.

Closed collections during July

From 6 July to 4 August, it is not possible to order material from the following collections:

  • Manuscripts
  • Personal archives
  • Maps
  • Pictures
  • Photographs
  • Ephemera
  • Posters

KB also has very limited service to answer questions about these specific collections during this period.

The National Library’s Depot in Bålsta

The National Library’s Depot is closed 24 to 28 June, 8 to 14 July and 22 July to 11 August.

Rogge Library in Strängnäs

Rogge Library has limited opportunities to receive visitors throughout the summer.

Interlibrary loans

  • From 24 June to 9 August: it is not possible for the library’s researchers to request interlibrary loans from other libraries
  • From 10 July to 9 August: it is not possible for other libraries to request interlibrary loans from the library’s collections

Donations to KB

KB is not able to accept donations to the library's collections from 24 June to 18 August. Kindly send your suggestion for a donation after that date.