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The Codex Gigas is no longer on display for the general public. The treasury exhibition is closed.



Michael Gullick, Ivan Hlaváček, Jan Svanberg, Anna Wolodarski


Göran Bäärnhielm, Bengt Ellenberger, Jana Holá, Janis Kreslins, Christina Manetti, Roger Tanner


Eva Crantz, Phuong Lam Jones, Paul McMillen,

Web publishing

Ola Eriksson, Oskar Isbäck


Per B. Adolphson, Claes Jansson, Torsten Johansson 


Charlotte Ahlgren, Fredrik Lilja, Christina Svensson

Project managers

Lars Björk and Anne Scherman

Big thank you to

Marcus Andrae, Anne Appehl, Gunilla Björkvall, Rickard Carlsson, Otfried Czaika, Andrea Davis-Kronlund, Eva Dillman, Jan Jan-Eric Ericsson, Anna Guldager, Jessica Lund, Maja Kristin Nylander, Anders Piltz, Jirí Vnoucek



The initials of the authors is presented after the title of the text.


Devil Portrait AW, MG

Heavenly City AW, MG

Large Initial AW, MG

Josephus Portrait AW, MG

Heaven and Earth AW, MG

Initials and Script AW, MG

Calender Page AW, MG

Selected Initials AW, MG

About the Codex Gigas 

Short AW, MG

History AW, MG

Description  MG

Script MG

Binding MG

Decoration AW, MG

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The history of Codex Gigas  AW

Legends AW

Book collections in Bohemia IH

War-booty AW

The Stockholm Castle fire of 1697 AW

Rudolph II’s art cabinet AW

Description MG

Script MG

Decoration JS

Initials MG

Binding MG

The sequence of the books of the Bible AW

Latin Bible translations AW

Additional texts in the Bible AW

Josephus AW

Cosmas IH

Isidore of Seville AW

Calender AW

Necrology IH

Confessions AW

Alphabets AW

Medica AW

Conjurations AW, transcription and translation GB

Later additions in Codex Gigas AW, transcription and translation GB

Biography AW, IH

Glossary AW

Catalogue Description AW

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