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The Old and New Testament comprise one half of the Codex Gigas. In addition, we find the following works in the manuscript volume:

The Antiquities of the Jews and the History of the Jewish War by Josephus Flavius. During the Middle Ages and early modern era these books were regarded as important works from classical antiquity. Josephus was the most frequently read classical author well into the 17th century.

Isidore of Sevilla’s Etymologies. The Etymologies, a landmark in the tradition of writing glosses or commentaries, is the first encyclopaedia to be compiled by a Christian author using classical models.

Medica, which includes the standard textbook for teaching medicine in Mediaeval Europe, the Ars Medicinae.

The Bohemian Chronicle of Cosmas of Prague. Written by a Bohemian priest, author and historian around the year 1100, the chronicle is a work of erudition and literary skill and of great importance for the historiography of the historical Czech territories.